Our Reticulation Services

Reticulation Alterations & Add-Ons
We perform reticulation alterations and add-ons for our customers to drastically improve the quality of their systems. Whether it is extending, renewing, automating improving what is already there, we always have an option for you.  Some of Our Popular Reticulation Alterations & Add-On Services: Adding a Station(s) –  If you’re extending your garden or have an area which... Read More
Pump Repairs or Replacement
Canning Irrigation Services takes great pride in its unique ability to pay attention to every minute detail because it allows us to pick up on any possible issues before they become major issues that cost you an arm and a leg. Your irrigation pump is a pivotal part of your irrigation system, which is why it is of critical importance that it is functioning properly. Homes and businesses across... Read More
Reticulation Repairs & Servicing
Reticulation repairs can be difficult and if you aren’t confident in doing it yourself, it can be more cost effective to hire the professionals. Having your reticulation system regularly serviced is the most effective way of achieving your garden goals in the harsh heat of summer.  Our most common reticulation repair jobs include: Solenoid Valve Replacement  Each station of... Read More
Reticulation Controllers
Correctly functioning reticulation controllers are vital in maintaining a healthy lawn and garden in the heat of summer. Garden maintenance is made easy with the ability to ‘set and forget’ on your watering days, along with the option to manually run your system at the click of a button. Canning Irrigation offers a large variety of reticulation controllers which are supplied and... Read More
Landscaping Services
We endeavour to provide quality and professional landscaping services that transform your outdoor areas. Whether you have a vision that you want us to create, or are looking for ideas on how to use your space, we are here to help.    Our landscaping services include: Roll on Lawn  We supply and install quality Western Australia lawns. We take the extra time in preparing and... Read More
Bore Accessories
At Canning Irrigation we can also supply and install the following products: Clearbore products are used for cleaning bores and cleaning iron stain off surfaces. For more information visit http://clearbore.com.au/ Ez-Flo Australia products are fertiliser injectors that do not require any additional electrical pumps to operate. They can be used to inject soluble fertilisers, bore cleaners and... Read More
Our Store
Our reticulation store is located at Unit 2/10 Whyalla street, Willetton, WA, 6155.  We are the go to store for all things bore and reticulation, stocking all of the best brands and products that you won’t find in hardware stores.  Our Trusted Suppliers: Hunter Industries Toro HR Products Franklin Electric Ebara Pumps Australia Lowara Products Do It Yourself! If you’re... Read More
Reticulation System Installations
We perform reticulation system installations on new builds and existing properties without current salvageable systems. We provide the full service from start to finish which includes: Cut in and connection to mains water by licensed plumber  OR  Submersible bore drilling and pump installation Hard-wired reticulation controller installed by licensed electrician Solenoid valve and... Read More
Submersible Bore Pump Installation
Converting your reticulation system from mains water to a submersible bore pump is a great way to not only reduce your water bill, but to improve the health of your garden with an extra permitted watering day per week.  So you’re interested in getting a bore pump, but why use Canning Irrigation? The short answer is quality. Our service covers everything from start to finish,... Read More