Submersible Bore Pump Installation

Converting your reticulation system from mains water to a submersible bore pump is a great way to not only reduce your water bill, but to improve the health of your garden with an extra permitted watering day per week. 

So you’re interested in getting a bore pump, but why use Canning Irrigation? The short answer is quality.

Our service covers everything from start to finish, including:

– Drilling the bore 
– Selection of the pump size and strength, tailored to the size of your stations
– Optional extras such as pressure release valves, etc
– Connection to existing reticulation (We also install new reticulation systems from scratch)
– Manufacturers warranty on pumps, 1 year warranty on all fittings and reticulation works

Our Trusted Brands

Franklin Electric
Ebara Pumps Australia
Lowara Products

Pump Selection

Not all properties are the same and finding the correct pump tailored to your place is our specialty. Some companies convince you that bigger or more expensive is better,  but this is not always the case. Having a pump too powerful for the amount of water it is releasing can cause a lot of harm. This may result in it burning out a lot sooner than you would expect and spending thousands on a replacement. We carefully select the right product for you and use nothing but the most trusted brands from the pump itself to its fittings and electrical materials. This allows us to install long lasting systems that provide our customers value for money and avoid repeat visits.


Some areas throughout WA are a lot more suitable than others when it comes to having a submersible bore pump. From the depth to water to its clarity and quality, there are a lot of unseen variables when it comes to drilling a bore. Through over 20 years of experience our tradesmen have become exceptionally equipped to talking you through these variables, to give you reliable information to decide whether you proceed.

Contact us now to arrange an on-site, free, no-obligation quote. Either by phone, email, filling out the form or visiting one of our friendly staff in store.