Pump Repairs or Replacement

Canning Irrigation Services takes great pride in its unique ability to pay attention to every minute detail because it allows us to pick up on any possible issues before they become major issues that cost you an arm and a leg. Your irrigation pump is a pivotal part of your irrigation system, which is why it is of critical importance that it is functioning properly.

Homes and businesses across Perth depend on us for expert pump repair because they know we have a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to compromising on quality – we don’t compromise. We believe in offering the best possible solution at an affordable rate that doesn’t break the bank but ensures you get the kind of value for money that keeps your irrigation system in peak condition for the foreseeable future. For professional bore pump repairs in Perth, contact us today.

The heart of your irrigation system

Right from the onset it’s important to ensure you get expert bore pump installation. This is because your irrigation pump is to your irrigation system what an engine is to your car – vital. Furthermore, if it is not looked after correctly it can result in excessive costs as well as the wastage of both water and electricity.

Our team of technicians will take the time and effort to guarantee that your use of a pump that suits your specific requirements, water reticulation system and the equipment involved.

Premium brands, original parts

Part and parcel of our no-compromise approach to our pump repair services is the fact that we only rely on original parts sourced from our network of reputable suppliers. These brands, like us, have built their name on consistent quality and their ability to maintain high standards over the years.

Using only these original, premium parts sourced from reputable suppliers, we offer bore pump repairs and irrigation pump repairs that include diagnosing and replacing faulty components, and repairing leaks. Faulty or rusty pumps can gradually cause a loss of water pressure this can be a sign that the pump requires an overhaul or replacement.

What we do

Our Perth-based team will visit your property to determine the extent of the damage and the necessary repairs needed; we will then quote you on the work required and/or the water pump replacement and bore pump installation. We will only commence with work once this process has been completed and you understand what the repairs or replacement entails.

Irrigation pump evaluations

Getting your irrigation pump evaluated or even repaired might seem like a tedious task to undertake but the benefits are invaluable. A timely pump repair is an investment you won’t regret, After all, irrigation pumps that aren’t running optimally are burden for both your bank balance and the environment. They waste water and energy as well as the money required to use them.

Our pump evaluations and pump repair services are geared towards getting you a uniform distribution. This uniform distribution ensures optimum irrigation efficiency, saves you money and prevents water wastage.

We’re Perth’s preferred choice for irrigation pump repair and maintenance

Canning Irrigation Services has been a mainstay of the irrigation industry for the past 20 years, providing quality reticulation services across Perth. Whether for domestic or commercial purposes, we provide cost-effective water solutions. If your irrigation pump is need of urgent attention and repair then make sure you secure the services of Perth’s professionals in pump repair services, We’ll get the job done right, the first time round and at the right price for you and your budget.

All our systems and products are available at our retail store in Willetton.

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