Reticulation System Installations

We perform reticulation system installations on new builds and existing properties without current salvageable systems.

We provide the full service from start to finish which includes:

  • Cut in and connection to mains water by licensed plumber  OR  Submersible bore drilling and pump installation
  • Hard-wired reticulation controller installed by licensed electrician
  • Solenoid valve and wiring installation
  • Pipe work and sprinkler installation
  • Setting of controller to automatically come on at desired times
  • 1 year warranty on all works and parts

There are many ways reticulation installs can be planned and set out. When meeting on site for your free, no-obligation quote, we draw out a map of your garden. From there we ask which areas need water, along with your preferences on where your solenoids, controller and main pipework will go.

We endeavour to set out things exactly the way you like it, but if you don’t know much about the different ways to water, don’t worry! Our workers are extremely knowledgeable about the pros and cons of all of our products and are happy to explain this all on site. Our only goal is to provide a long lasting system that will require minimal servicing and alterations. In other words we only use the best products that we trust and know that you will be happy with. 

There are many different choices to make, for example;
– Will you use mains water or bore water?
– Will you get a WIFI compatible controller? What about a rain sensor?
– Would you like sprinkler surrounds to protect your sprinklers?
We’re more than happy explain all these options and more, as we strive for excellent customer service. 

New Build Reticulation System Installations

The best time to install a new system is on a new build. Contacting us nice and early before driveways and other surfaces are laid gives us time to install pre-lays and other measures which ultimately pass the savings on to you. After this you’re free to complete the build and then we’ll return to handle the rest of the reticulation (and lawn and landscaping, click here to learn more)

Reticulation System Installations on Existing Properties

If your property has an established garden without reticulation or its current system isn’t performing we are able to help. When attending your property we will be able to make a quick assessment whether it would be beneficial to alter your existing system or to start again from scratch. Paths and driveways may be in the way but we strive to find solutions to all of your needs, whether it be through plunking underground or installing neat or hidden pipework above ground. 


All reticulation quotes are free and on a no-obligation basis, performed on site on your property. For more information or to book in a quote contact us here.