Reticulation Repairs & Servicing

Reticulation repairs can be difficult and if you aren’t confident in doing it yourself, it can be more cost effective to hire the professionals. Having your reticulation system regularly serviced is the most effective way of achieving your garden goals in the harsh heat of summer. 

Our most common reticulation repair jobs include:

Solenoid Valve Replacement 

Each station of your reticulation system is ran by an individual solenoid valve. When running your system, these valves receive an electrical signal from your controller to open up and let the water pass through. Faults in these solenoids can result in individual stations not turning on or being stuck on and running when they aren’t supposed to. Our mobile servicing crew carry solenoids of all makes and sizes to make replacement a quick and easy process. Locating the under ground solenoid valves quite often proves to be the most time consuming part of the process. This is why our team carry a wire tracking device, which plugs into your reticulation controller and helps direct us towards the problem areas. 

Broken Pipes

Fixing breaks in PVC and poly pipes are very common reticulation repairs we make. A break in your system can be glaringly obvious with water puddling up from underground. They can also be more discrete and only noticeable due to lack of pressure coming out of your sprinklers. No matter the case our mobile service team are the go-to for repairing these breaks. We carry fittings of all shapes and sizes and have the expertise to quickly repair your breaks and get your system running effectively once again. 

Broken/Blocked Sprinklers & Nozzles

Sprinklers can break as a result of being run over, kicked, or simply by passing their use-by date. These breakages can occur in the sprinklers fittings, pipework or the sprinkler itself. To repair these breakages as efficiently as possible, our team carries a vast range of sprinklers, nozzles and fittings. 

Dirt and rocks can sneak into your system and block up your sprinklers and nozzles. As a result of this dry or dead patches can begin to appear throughout your garden where water isn’t flowing correctly. Flushing the dirt from the nozzles is often an effective solution, along with replacement. Our team can visit your property and browse over your entire system, repairing all your breaks and blockages. 

Broken Wiring

Your system will not run correctly if there are any breakages in the electrical wiring between your controller and solenoids. Wire joins within your system can come apart over time if not correctly installed. In addition breakages are often found in areas that have recently had works done or been excavated. Using our tracking devices and experience we are fully capable of locating and repairing these breaks. For isolated breaks we reconnect the wiring with silicone wire joiners which are weather proof and stand the test of time.  However in sections where we find multiple breaks, it is often more efficient to perform partial rewires. 

Scheduled Servicing

For peace of mind and assurance your garden survives the summer, we provide servicing plans. This involves our team coming out monthly/an agreed time frame apart and performing full services on your properties reticulation system.  


We charge in 15 minute blocks for all reticulation repairs. For information on these rates or to book in a job, contact us now.