Reticulation Controllers

Correctly functioning reticulation controllers are vital in maintaining a healthy lawn and garden in the heat of summer. Garden maintenance is made easy with the ability to ‘set and forget’ on your watering days, along with the option to manually run your system at the click of a button.

Canning Irrigation offers a large variety of reticulation controllers which are supplied and installed by electrically licensed tradesmen. We don’t compromise on quality and only use the most reliable and trusted brands. 


Which Reticulation Controller is Right For Me?

Selecting a correct reticulation controller tailored to your system and needs is our specialty. From one station tap-timers and nodes, to multi station wall mounted units that you can run from your phone, we provide and install all types of controllers on the market. 


Multi Station Reticulation Controllers:


Hunter X-Core

  • Our Most Used Model
  • Indoor and Outdoor Models
  • 4/6/8 Station Models
  • Rain Sensor Add-On Available
  • Hard Wired or Plug In Power

Hunter X2

  • Wifi/Bluetooth Add-On Available 
  • Run Controller From Your Personal Devices
  • 4/6/8/14 Station Models 
  • Rain Sensor Add-On Available
  • Hard Wired or Plug In Power


To view these different models in person, visit in store at Unit 2/10 Whyalla street, Willetton, WA, 6155. One of our friendly staff will show you our display wall of controllers and assist you with any questions you have.

To obtain a quote, book in a job or gain more information contact us now.