Reticulation Alterations & Add-Ons

We perform reticulation alterations and add-ons for our customers to drastically improve the quality of their systems. Whether it is extending, renewing, automating improving what is already there, we always have an option for you. 

Some of Our Popular Reticulation Alterations & Add-On Services:

Adding a Station(s) – 

If you’re extending your garden or have an area which always requires hand watering, adding in a new station to your existing system could be an option. This can range in difficulty and price, depending on a range of factors. 

System Automation – 

Systems ran by manual gate valves can be painful to use. The effort required in turning them on and off can lead to watering days being missed and your garden suffering. If this is the case for you we may be able to help. A system automation involves replacing your gate valves with electrical solenoid valves. We then wire them up to a wall mounted controller in a convenient location, allowing you to run your system with the click of a button. These controllers also allow you to set your system to come on on your watering days, assuring your garden never misses out. 

Sprinkler Replacement & Repositioning – 

Switching out your systems old, tired sprinklers with our higher quality products is a great way to increase your coverage. Sprinklers block and begin to leak over time, especially when they are cheap hardware store brands. When making the switch it is amazing the difference in flow pattern our products provide. 

We also often reposition sprinklers and make other adjustments to achieve better coverage. Many systems spacings are over stretched, uneven or simply do not have the correct nozzles to avoid leaving dry patches. Therefore we make it our goal is to eliminate dry patches and make your entire garden completely self sufficient. 


These types of services can vary in price, therefore we provide free no-obligation quotes before commencing any work. To organise one, or for more information, contact us here.