Landscaping Services

We endeavour to provide quality and professional landscaping services that transform your outdoor areas. Whether you have a vision that you want us to create, or are looking for ideas on how to use your space, we are here to help. 


Our landscaping services include:

Roll on lawnRoll on Lawn 

We supply and install quality Western Australia lawns. We take the extra time in preparing and levelling your surface and install with care, leaving you with a flat and established looking lawn from day one. 

Selecting a type of lawn often comes down to the personal preference of the customer. However a range of factors including sunlight, foot traffic and growth rate can make specific types more suitable for you. Browse through the varieties of turf produced by Lovegrove Turf Services (one of our trusted suppliers) to get some insight into your different options. Like always we are happy to give advice on site for what we see the most suitable for your property. 


limestone garden bed

Limestone/Block Garden Beds & Edging 

We build small block retaining walls and garden edging using limestone or other material blocks of your choice. We use blocks of all shapes, sizes and colours to create the exact look you are looking for and can also install capping (as pictured). These walls serve as a great way to divide areas of your garden and add different heights and textures.  



Timber Sleeper (Retain-iT) Garden Beds & Retaining Walls

We install pine garden beds and small retaining walls using the Retain-iT system. This involves timber sleepers being slotted between galvanised steel Retain-It posts, which have been concreted in the ground. We then have the option to paint or leave the walls with a natural wooden look. 


Rocks, Pebbles & Stepping Stones

One of the simplest ways to decorate your outdoor area is through using coloured rocks or pebbles as floor covering. Small garden pathways can be created through the use of rocks and stepping stones. It is also an effective way of filling oddly shaped or ‘nothing’ areas in your garden while looking great. 


We provide these services and many, many more. For more information or to book in a free quote, contact us here.