Reticulation Maintenance

Canning Irrigation Services is proud to be your premier provider of quality reticulation services in Perth. Our clients have depended on us for superior service within the irrigation industry for the past 20 years, providing quality products, services and reticulation repairs across Perth. Whether you require our services for domestic or commercial purposes, we have a cost-effective water solution for you. Contact us today to find out more about our WA reticulation supplies and services.

Taking care of your water reticulation system

We offer first-rate reticulation maintenance and gardening services, including reticulation installation, maintenance and repairs to clients across Perth. Reticulation repairs in Perth are essential due to the harsh weather, which rapidly dries out lawns and gardens.

The maintenance of your garden reticulation systems will keep your garden healthy. We offer upgrades and can change your system to suit a new layout or garden design. Don’t let your garden system suffer through the elements. For reticulation services Perth homeowners, developers, builders and landscapers trust, contact us today.


Our Reticulation Services include:

• Reticulation system installation, maintenance and repairs
• Well bore maintenance
• Electrical maintenance bores & reticulation
• Pump repairs or replacement
• New controllers
• Setting up your reticulation system
• Bore pump installation and repairs
• Submersible bores
• Submersible bore maintenance
• Landscaping & gardening services
• Accessories for bore reticulation
• Bore pump installation
• Bore pump repairs
• Reticulation installation

Well Bore Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your well bore is more economical than costly repairs after damage has occurred, and ensures that you don’t have to deal with interruptions to your water supply. We offer water well repairs and well maintenance services to clients across Western Australia.
Well water pump repairs ensure that water pressure remains consistent. If your pump is making noises, has low pressure, no pressure, or is broken and has faulty control switches, contact our team for assistance. Our technicians will advise you regarding repairs, or a new bore well pump installation, in extreme circumstances.

Electrical Maintenance Bores & Reticulation

For electrical maintenance, repairs, upgrades of bores or reticulation systems contact Canning Irrigation Services. Our quality repairs to well-bores and electrical maintenance of reticulation systems is recommended by our residential and commercial clients. We utilise the services of only highly qualified electricians and plumbers, ensuring your system is correctly installed, repaired or maintained.

Pump Repairs or Replacement

Using only original, premium parts sourced from reputable suppliers, we offer bore pump repairs and irrigation pump repairs that include diagnosing and replacing faulty components, and repairing leaks. Faulty or rusty pumps can gradually cause a loss of water pressure this can be a sign that the pump requires an overhaul or replacement.

Our Perth-based team will visit your property to determine the extent of the damage and the necessary repairs needed; we will then quote you on the work required and/or the replacement and bore pump installation.

Reticulation Maintenance

We offer superior reticulation services, including reticulation installation, maintenance and repairs to clients across Perth. We’ll keep your garden and landscape in pristine condition by ensuring your water reticulation system is operating at optimum efficiency.

New Controllers

We offer a range of irrigation controllers from indoor/outdoor controllers, Bluetooth, wi-fi controllers to battery operated valves and tap timers. If your controllers are irreparable, our retail store in Willeton has selection for you to choose from.

Our sprinkler controllers and garden tap timers can be set to switch on at any time during the day or night. These automatic systems can be integrated with a variety of sensors that are designed to save you water, the labour of watering the garden yourself, or going home to switch the system on. Irrigation controllers are economical and convenient alternatives to the labour-intensive exercise of watering your garden.


One of our many skills includes landscaping and gardening services. The Canning Irrigation team is highly qualified in various aspects of outdoor landscaping and our services include consulting with you to determine your requirements.

We regularly supply and lay winter green, sir walter, bisson buffalo, palmetto, empire zoysia, ki-ku-yu as well as organising the associated earth moving. If you need assistance planning a garden, we also supply and install a wide variety of in-season plants, soils and mulches for your garden.

For the larger projects, our commercial landscaping services are ideal for companies who want professional upkeep of their lawns and garden areas. We offer stylish and functional outdoor landscaping services that improve your garden’s irrigation and aesthetic presentation.

Accessories for Bore Reticulation

At Canning Irrigation Services, we can also supply and install the following products:
Clearbore products are used for cleaning bores and cleaning iron stain off surfaces.
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Ez-Flo Australia products are fertiliser injectors that do not require any additional electrical pumps to operate. They can be used to inject soluble fertilisers, bore cleaners and wetting agents as you water your garden.
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Reticulation systems

Our Perth-based store in Willetton stocks various reticulation systems, designed to suit a variety of garden requirements. We offer fully automatic or manual systems from water sources such as bores, mains water and water tanks. We can also supply DIY packages which are truly great value for money and is easy to install. A user-friendly system that will keep your garden in prime health, with regular watering.

A garden reticulation system that can be set with a timer that will automatically activate the water reticulation at specified times of the day or night. A perfect solution that ensures even water coverage of your entire garden on your specified days and no water wastage.

Submersible Bores

Submersible bore pumps should never be selected purely on price, quite simply because the wrong bore can end up being a costly affair, instead of saving you money. The Canning Irrigation Services team is highly knowledgeable about various submersible bore water pumps and how best to achieve the best from them.

Our Willetton store staff will advise you regarding the brands available and explain how the various sizes will suit the capacity of your bore and reticulation system. Submersible borehole pumps are required to efficiently pump water on a regular basis, which is why you need to be equipped with the right product. Once you’ve chosen your submersible pump, chat to our team about submersible maintenance.

Submersible Bore Maintenance

This is an essential part of owning a bore well. Ensuring regular maintenance of your submersible pump will save you a lot of money. Submersible bore repair is certainly the more cost-effective solution, compared to replacing it altogether. Maintenance will ensure water pressure remains constant as bores around Perth regularly suffer from iron bacteria growth (brown staining). In serious cases, we will have to remove the pump from site for a thorough clean and pressure test.
Set up a regular maintenance plan with Canning Irrigation Services to ensure your pump is regularly checked.

Why choose us?

Canning Irrigation Services has been in the irrigation industry for the past 20 years, and with it we have amassed considerable experience. Each member of our team has in-depth knowledge of irrigation systems and our extensive product range. They are always keen to put their expertise to use for the benefit of you, our valued clients.

The Cannington Irrigation team has honed their skills, empowering them to cater effectively to the needs of either domestic or commercial clients. In addition to offering the best service, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that we stock only the most reputable brands on the market today. Each product and service in our range is a guarantee of value for money and a cost-effective water solution. This includes providing you with the most ideal reticulation solution and maintaining your water reticulation system for the foreseeable future.