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Canning Irrigation Services has stood the test of time through its dedication to offering you a superior product range that features irrigation control systems from Australia’s most reputable brands. Both residential and commercial clients from across Perth can depend on us for first-rate customer service and a premium product range that is competitively priced. In fact, for the past 20 years these two facets of our business have remained unchanged with Canning Irrigation Services always providing quality reticulation services.

We also strive to make irrigation more convenient and cost-effective than it has ever been. This includes keeping up with trends and anticipating changes while also recognising opportunities to improve the high standard of service we offer. It has continued to set us apart from our competition. That is why we offer state-of-the-art irrigation controllers that are designed to improve all aspects of your reticulation system. Contact us today for quality irrigation controllers in Perth.

What is an irrigation controller?

An irrigation controller, also known as an irrigation control system is an essential tool that plays a pivotal role in the efficient operation of modern day irrigation. These impressive pieces of technology have been around for some time now but have recently become more complex and convenient computer-based systems.

They facilitate the optimum use of water energy, water and chemicals that keep costs low and positive impact on your garden area high. The majority of these devices have the ability to effectively decide the frequency of irrigation, when it begins and for how long it runs.

What you can expect

We offer a range of irrigation controllers from indoor/outdoor irrigation controllers, Bluetooth, wi-fi controllers to battery operated valves and tap timers. If your water sprinkler controllers are irreparable, our retail store in Willeton has selection for you to choose from.

Our irrigation controllers and sprinkler timers can be set to switch on at any time during the day or night. These automatic systems can be integrated with a variety of sensors that are designed to save you water, the labour of watering the garden yourself, or going home to switch the system on. Irrigation controllers are economical and convenient alternatives to the labour-intensive exercise of watering your garden or manually operating your irrigation system.

The benefits of our irrigation controllers

• Gives you a picturesque landscape

Your landscape will blossom when it is exposed to the exact conditions that it needs to grow. Our irrigation control systems help provide these ideal conditions by ensuring that your plants are neither lacking water or watered too much. Our technology will ensure they receive exactly how much water they need.

• Limits the wastage of water

When too much water is supplied by your irrigation system not only does it have a detrimental effect to the health of your landscape; it also wastes precious resources. In a time where water conservation is finally in the limelight our controllers will help make sure that next to no water is wasted when you operate your irrigation system.

• Reduces costs

Saving water is effectively saving money and reducing costs which is made possible by our irrigation controllers and sprinkler timers. They will reduce the possibility for overwatering, preserve your irrigation system from excessive use and reduce your overall costs.

• Convenience

Perhaps the most apparent benefit and most quoted benefit of our outdoor irrigation controllers is the fact that they reduce the need for any labour intensive involvement. This means you don’t have to be present and constantly watching over your irrigation system, leaving you free to attend to different tasks or get some much-needed rest.

We’re here to help you

Canning Irrigation Services employs a handpicked team of technicians with extensive experience with irrigation systems. They will make sure that your chosen irrigation controller is deal for your needs and capable of accurately overseeing each valve and the corresponding water applied to your landscape. They also have an in-depth knowledge of irrigation system installation so will be able to assess that all components in your system will be compatible for optimum results.

Get in touch with us today for hassle-free and cost-effective water solutions.

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