Well Bore Maintenance

Our position as the leading provider of reticulation services and water pump repairs in Perth was not established by accident; we take water pressure, repairs and maintenance seriously because we believe all garden reticulation systems should be worthwhile investments. This means they must also be given the utmost care and attention to ensure they continue to operate at optimum efficiency for the purpose they were intended.

As your go-to choice for bore pump repairs in Perth, you can rest assured we’ll provide you with the highest standard of service. Contact us today for repairs that keep your costs low, water pressure efficiency high and landscape in pristine condition.

Do we cater to you?

The great news is that whether you require our services for a residential bored well pump or commercial one, we have a host of cost-effective bore repair systems to suit your specific needs. We have a multitude of systems and products available at our retail store in Willetton. In addition to an extensive range of Australia’s most reputable bored well pumps, our expert team is also well-versed in bore well construction and water pump repair. They are readily available and keen to help you resolve your water pressure challenges as soon as possible and in the most affordable means available.

Our expertise

Our talented team of technicians has unrivalled expertise in the following areas:

• Reticulation system installation, maintenance and repairs
• Well bore maintenance
• Electrical maintenance bores & reticulation
• Water pump repairs or replacement
• New controllers
• Garden reticulation
• Bore pump installation
• Submersible bores
• Submersible bore maintenance
• Landscaping & gardening services
• Accessories for bore reticulation
• Bore pump installation
• Bore pump repairs
• Reticulation installation

Benefits of water pump repairs

• Avoid safety issues

Whether it’s leakages or damaged parts, repairing any issues that your bore well pump may be facing can help maintain the safety of its continued operation.

• Eliminate water wastage

Preventing the waste of water is critical from two important standpoints, namely water conservation and cost management. When your water pressure or bore well pump is not operating optimally it can often result in the wastage of water. Our technicians will go over and above to ensure that they identify any water wastage issues and address them accordingly.

• Managing costs

While repairs may seem like another cost to your budget, the truth of the matter is that they are an investment. Making the important decision to undertake bore pump repairs will resolve any issues your system may currently be facing and in doing so also prevent them from getting worse. What’s more, our team will happily offer you more advice on how best to ensure your operating costs remain low going forward.

How to keep your bore well system in mint condition

• Inspect your system often

If it’s not the elements and the unavoidable wear and tear that comes with time, simple human error and mechanical breakdown can cause your bore well system to stop working properly. By inspecting your bore well system frequently you can avoid more complicated costly repairs in the future.

• Optimum efficiency

While routine maintenance can ensure that your system is operating at optimum efficiency, it can also allow our technicians to find out whether there are parts that can be replaced with more technologically advanced and efficient alternatives. This is a reality because technology has continued to advance with more value for money and efficient products being released onto the market.

• The Annual Audit

Routine check-ups are important but more so is conducting an annual audit. This will ensure that an in-depth assessment that comprehensively checks all the parameters and parts of your system is carried out. This extensive maintenance will help guarantee the reduction of your water-related costs and any wastage that may be taking place.

Symptoms of water pump problems

While routine check-ups and an annual audit will limit the number of undetected problems and issues, we always recommend that you keep an eye and an ear out for the following as they may signal a need for assistance:

• Inconsistent or low water pressure
• Pump is making noises
• A lack of any water pressure
• Faulty control switches

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